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Initial design brief to scope the new site


Initial design brief to scope the new site

General Task
3 years 34 weeks ago

As we talked about at tonight's meeting and over in we're pursuing a new direction for our charity project with Hopewell. We're now looking to build a CRM based solution built on which will form the basis of an online tool to organise their family of charity businesses.

Miles has already been communicating with Ian from Hopewell and I've re-attached a Word doc of their recent communication.

So at this point we need to split out what our build requirements would be based on this initial brief. We then need to estimate on implementation. At that point we can better gauge what we can build and how long it will take. Then we need to split the project (with their feedback) into phases. Targeting phase one completion in 2-3 months.

To get the ball rolling:

  1. Much of the structure noted in the Word doc should be able to be map to RedHen entity types. We should start an initial mapping.
  2. Donation handling is not yet part of RedHen. For details see - This should be left to a later stage.

To have a quick play with RedHen you can use the (bloody fantastic) (keep in mind redhen_demo is yet up-to-date with redhen).

We tentatively agreed that "Hopewell CRM" would be fine for the Pantheon project name. So feel free to go ahead and start our account with Pantheon Jaymie.

Lets get things rolling!

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