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The meeting - new direction?


The meeting - new direction?

Hi, The meeting went well, although Jonathan failed to show (he is apparently heavily repentent for this). So it was just myself and Ian Mavor.

As I guessed (and some of you maybe had too) their needs have changed. The holiday house situation has solved itself. They had (as a test it sounds like) put the house on the stayz website. It turned out to be quite sufficient for their needs and have already had people stay who booked through the site.

So in the meantime, the bigger issue that has become apparent is the mess they currently have - dealing with all the different customers/clients/people they have to deal with on a daily basis. Apparently, they were unaware that systems exist (within their reach) that can help with all that. He then became aware that Drupal is often used a vehicle for those systems, and the idea was sewn!

He said he doesn't want to let this 'kind offer' go to waste, and thought that maybe getting a CRM website/system built might be a better use of the offer from the group. He also said that he is ready "now" to start the process. He offered his time and is willing to meet as much as is required to help make this happen.

So my job here today is to put that idea forward and see what everyone thinks? I'll say up front that, he is not invested in any particular system yet and is willing to take whatever we offer essentially.

A little background: While we have been referring to the Hopewell Hospice generally speaking, it doesn't really represent the varied tasks and activities they have going on there. While they interact with people and families dealing with grief or dealing with terminal illness, they have incorporated other activities that align with those groups. So they have Paraidise Kids, which cares for grieving children, teaching them the skills they need in order to cope. Then, they also teach greif counselling and suicide counselling. They have trainee child grief counsellors too. They accommodate families that need it with the two houses they have on site (what are the 'Holiday houses' when not in use). Of course, not forgetting the hospice, which is for terminally ill, too sick for home, but don't want to spend their last weeks/months in a hospital. They take donations to help run all this.

Currently, all the different groups and interactions are managed independently of each other and in an adhoc fashion.

So... what are we talking about? What do they actually need?

(This can form the basis of discussion, assuming that we as a group are willing to take this on).

- C ustomers
- R elationships
- M anagement

(Used here in a very loose sense)
Many and varied - everyone that interacts with the the various organisations, (Paradise Kids, Hopewell Hospice + others). For example: Doners, volunteers, students, trainees, nurses, patients, patient's families and finally, potential customers (ie. newsletter recipients).
Other people and groups. ie. I may have left some out, but also new customer types may be needed in future.

Relationships with:
- Courses
- Results
- Newsletters
- Donation type and circumstance
- Participation level (Duration, start and end dates)
- Care received
- Care provided

Management of:
- Donations: One off and on-going
- Mailing lists
- Awards and level of achievement.
- Requirements
+ anything else you can imagine

The system should be manageable for a layperson who has experience with CRM's (they have a volunteer who is that person and can spend a day a week managing the system)

It will not be publicly accessible for the most part.

Sorry, I have to go!

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