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Thursday, Nov 19
Atrium Case Tracker 3:04pm jonathanclough commented on Requests for change to the CRM
Tuesday, Nov 17
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Atrium Case Tracker 9:50pm fenstrat updated Requests for change to the CRM
Atrium Case Tracker 7:35pm gervloothuis commented on Requests for change to the CRM

Help with Colorbox and video emfield

Hi everyone,
I have been working on a little bit lately and I've been struggling to get a display working for videos.

At some stage in the past, I'm pretty sure it was working. However, the moving of the site, updating modules, getting help from various people (some good some bad). Anyway, it no longer works.

What the problem is: My youtube videos get displayed in a couple of different blocks, Colorbox is then used to show the large size playing video.

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